We focus mainly on tourists interested in visiting New Zealand and green places in the world, as well as Gisborne, which is the area we provide services for.

The reason we target these tourists is we feel this city has a lot to offer for nature lovers and the fact that it is located in New Zealand, one of the greenest countries worldwide.

Our Goal

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Cedar House wishes to attract tourism to this small New Zealand city and enrich its economy, as well as exposing new tourists to the wonders it has to offer visitors.

Additionally, we aim at positioning ourselves as the top company to consult for tourists all over the world, wanting to come to Gisborne for their dream vacation.

The Ways We Work

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Our company has two ways of providing tourists with the benefits we offer. One is through updating and keeping the most important information about the city on our website and blog.

Additionally, we have the option to give more personalized information and services to any tourists contacting us through the means posted on our Contact page.

The Company Today

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Nowadays we have grown from being a small website posting the most relevant places to see in Gisborne, to a company offering top quality services related to tourism in Gisborne. We currently reach thousands of people all over the world and this customer-base only keeps growing as we keep evolving and improving with time and experience.