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Mitchell O’Brien

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I was looking for new places to visit, as I am passionate about travelling and getting to know the greener and most entertaining places on our planet.

Upon coming across Cedar House, I was offered the best accommodation and even a guide plan of sights and attractions available in Gisborne. Needless to say, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had travelling.

Sandra Cortéz

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While planning a visit to New Zealand, I contacted Cedar House directly because I had some very specific needs to fulfil during my visit. The team offered quick and ready responses that ultimately resulted in my family and I having the time of our lives in the city of Gisborne.

An unforgettable experience that is only possible with the help of these professionals.

William Boroughs

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I have travelled all over the world and used many different services to achieve the best possible results and can attest to the professionalism of the team at Cedar House. Not only was I offered the best advice and suggestions fitting my tight schedule, but I was also able to contact them at any point where I wanted to make changes.

Brandon Willows

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I was looking to impress my girlfriend with a different and unexpected marriage proposal and had chosen Gisborne as the place to go to. I needed everything to be perfect and beautiful.

Cedar House ensured the experience would be unforgettable for both of us in every positive way. We are planning to go back every anniversary, with their help always. Our customers are our quality stamp and we are thankful to them for helping us grow and improve with their suggestions and feedback